Modern advertising and gambling

Modern advertising and gambling

06/28/2018 0 By admin1

What tricky tricks are marketers and PR managers to promote gambling ads? Let’s understand.

Promotional stunts

Advertising in gambling is any promotion of a casino, lottery or other gambling service that accepts bets as an opportunity to win money. Such ads appear on virtually all advertising media, even on those that are hard to imagine. They range from football equipment to television advertising, and even appear on the skin of people who are looking for extra earnings.

In 2005, a woman from Utah agreed to tattoo the domain name of the casino on her forehead for $ 10,000. For many years, this online casino has become particularly famous for such tricks. In 2003, striker Mark Roberts nearly broke the UEFA Cup Final, running out completely naked to the football field. He used his body as a billboard on which the Internet address of the Golden Palace casino was written.

Criticism of gambling advertising

The biggest criticism of such advertising is that it normalizes this activity, making it feel that gambling is a normal daily activity.

Others are more critical of not advertising gambling in general, but how and where it is posted. In 2012, there was a scandal with the British Health Lottery, which in printed ads indicated that gambling is a good way to repay debts on mortgages. For similar reasons, in 2016, the television advertising of the casino Sky Vegas was banned, which promised every player to make roulette a rock star.

Critics of gambling started their own advertising campaigns, warning of inherent risks. In 2014, the National Council for the Problem of Gambling launched its own campaign. During the football championship, they hung a big board with a picture of two boys. One of them said: “I hope that Germany will win, my dad put all his savings on them.”

The problem was that Germany still won. And, in order to achieve its goal, the National Council launched new ads with the participation of these same children. “Your father’s team won. Have you returned your savings?”, Asks one boy of the second. “No, Dad never stops. He wants to make another bet”, the comrade replied sadly.

The future of gambling

In recent years, the rules for advertising gambling are getting tougher. Undoubtedly, the restrictions will be more stringent so that children can not see this.

In the publication “Daily Mail” it is reported that in the period from 2005-2013. The number of ads promoting gambling on TV has increased by more than 1400%. This accounted for 4% of all advertisements shown on television, which raised concerns about their impact on children and other vulnerable groups (such as problem players).

Advertising platforms will decide for themselves whether they accept gambling advertising or not. For example, Google allows gambling ads (for certain parameters). While Facebook is much more strict to this.

Laws are constantly evolving and trying to keep pace with the latest trends in gambling and advertising. This makes us think that legislation is always a step ahead of gamblers. So do not be surprised that as long as gambling is legal, casinos, bookmakers and lotteries will find a way to remind you of this fact.