Gambling world records, included in the Guinness Book

Gambling world records, included in the Guinness Book

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Modern people are trying to brighten up their lives, find new hobbies that will bring missing emotions to life. Often adrenaline, intrigue and unrestrained risk can be found in gambling.

Many centuries ago, people also played gambling. Then this leisure was just an interesting pastime. Today, this type of recreation also gives the possibility of real gains. And the casino players are so addicted that they set records that fall into the Guinness Book of Records.

The longest poker game marathon

Recently, the record of professional poker player Phil Laak was recorded in the Guinness Book. This player decided to outdo the previous record holder Paul Zimbler, who continuously played poker for 80 hours.

The tournament was held in the casino “Bellagio”, Las Vegas. During the entire marathon, players could make 5-minute breaks every half hour. But you could also save them by spending later. For example, after accumulating 30 minutes, Laak slept.

The players involved with him hoped for Phil’s fatigue, but this did not work out. He played 115 hours and won $ 6,766. By the way, all means of the “Poker machine” (so they began to call Laak) donated to one of the funds.

The largest number of tables within an hour

Another record in the Guinness Book belongs to the gambler Bertrand Grospellier. As a member of PokerStars Team Pro, this person became a player who simultaneously played for the largest number of tables for an hour.

Grospellier played for 62 tables at the same time. In this match, the highest level of microcontrolling was required, which Bertrand showed.
It is noteworthy that the player had to demonstrate a positive result, otherwise the record would not be counted. For many years in a row, Grospellier’s achievement has not been contested.

The most massive poker tournament

By the way, the name of PokerStars is also in the Guinness Book. It was under this brand that the most massive poker tournament took place, where 225,000 players took part. Each of them contributed a dollar to play.

Do you want your records to be included in the Guinness Book? Start the slot machines and do the incredible!