5 Ways to Add More Water to Your Diet

We’ve all heard that eight glasses of water a day is what it takes for your body to stay its healthiest.

If you find it hard to drink just water by itself, here are my five top tips to keep you hydrated this summer – with some extra flavor.

All women should know that by adding water to your diet you’ll ensure hydration, and your skin (protected by SPF, of course) will stay supple. You’ll stay and look younger by drinking plenty of water – so keep reading, sister!


About 20-25% of the liquid we consume comes from food, especially food such as fruits and vegetables. Melons in general, particularly watermelon, are filled with water.Peaches and grapes are also plump morsels of water. 

When it comes to vegetables, tomatoes and cucumbers are the perfect solution, especially when you combine them in one of your favorite meals.

TWO: Dairy

Other foods you might not suspect to be rich in water are yogurt and milk. Yogurt is actually just protein suspended in liquid, so it’s a great way to add more water to your diet.

By making smoothies with water-rich berries, you can indulge and hydrate at the same time – guilt free.

Three: Seafood

Seafood is plentiful in water, and is an incredible source of both protein and extra hydration.

Servings of fish will also help you stay satisfied longer, so you won’t be tempted to snack later.


Another good way to make your regular water a bit fancier and friendlier to your tastebuds is to add natural flavors such as lemon and cucumber. You can also take chunks of watermelon and put them into pitchers of water.


I am a super big fan of juicing raw fruits and vegetables. It’s a known fact that when you cook and raise the temperature of food it dehydrates. You’ll get more hydrating qualities from your foods if you don’t heat them. Juicing is a great way to add nutrients and hydration to your daily diet.

I cut up my fruits and vegetables the evening before, so when the morning comes, there are no excuses. I can just throw everything into the juicer and I am ready to go!  My favorite juice combinations feature a mixture of apples, oranges and lemons.

So there you have it! Five simple tips to ensure you’re hydrated this summer. I believe being mindful of the water you put into your body will ensure that you are bursting with health and vitality for the day ahead.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Janelle xoxo

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